[lldb-dev] negative in stop reason

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Thu Nov 16 18:20:48 PST 2017

Dear all,

    I have just debug KLEE with lldb. A breakpoint was set on the function
"executeAllocUnbounded". After the breakpoint was hiited, I used "continue"
to let the program to go on. However, it did not work. The respose from
lldb is following:

Process 10254 stopped
* thread #1, name = 'klee', stop reason = breakpoint 3.1 -1364.1
    frame #0:
state=0x000000000132d710, size=4, target=0x000000000134ef00) at

NOTE that, there is a negative number "-1364.1" showed in stop reason. When
I hit "continue" again, the number was change to "-1366.1", by mius -2

I want to know what is the mean of "-1364.1" here. How to let the program
to continue. Thanks.

Jian Liu
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