[lldb-dev] OperatingSystem plugins

Scott Smith via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu May 4 07:15:24 PDT 2017

I would like to change the list of threads that lldb presents to the user
for an internal application (not to be submitted upstream).  It seems the
right way to do this is to write an OperatingSystem plugin.

1. Can I still make it so the user can see real threads as well as whatever
other "threads" I make up?

2. Is the purpose of the Python OperatingSystem plugin to allow the user to
write plugins in Python?  It doesn't look like it's to help debugging of
Python programs.

2a. If that's true, is there a reason the Go OperatingSystem plugin is
written in C++ instead of Python?  Is it just historical, or is there some
advantage to writing it in C++?

3. Does this work just as well when dealing with core files as when dealing
with a running process?
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