[lldb-dev] Python scripting in Windows LLDB

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> Python support on Windows is much more problematic than support on
> something like MacOS or Linux. The python you use when you run lldb must be
> the same python used when you build it. Bad things happen – warnings,
> crashes, etc – when you use a different rev of the dll/so or the library
> directory (which contains dlls/sos) than what was used when building lldb.
This is no longer true right?  That was one of the major drivers behind
moving to Python 3.5.  All that matters is

a) The *build configuration* matches (if LLDB was built against Python
debug, you must have debug libraries available)
b) The *architecture* matches (if it's an x64 build of LLDB, you need x64
Python libraries)
c) The *version* is 3.5 or higher.

Aside from that it shouldn't matter
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