[lldb-dev] Support for Error Strings in remote protocol

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What we can't do is require the remote server to support the new protocol. lldb-server isn't the only thing we talk to, and failing because we didn't get a specific non-RSP conformant error packet would be bad.

I like Pavel's idea of enabling it via a Q packet, and after being enabled it should always be optional.

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> +1 one from me. I like the idea a lot. Specific details below.
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> > Hello all,
> >        Currently the remote protocol in LLDB does not allow sending
> > Error Strings in response to remote packets, it only allows for "ENN"
> > format where N is a hex integer. In our current ongoing work, we would
> > like to have support for Sending Error Strings from lldb-server. I
> > would like to invite any opinions or suggestions in this matter ?
> >
> > A very simple proposal would be to just attach an error string maybe
> > as a Name:Value Pair ? like so ->
> >
> > EXX;"Error String"
> >  or
> > EXX;M"Error String"
> I guess the decision here depends on how forward-compatible we want to
> be. If we don't anticipate adding further fields here, then the format can just
> be EXX;message and no quoting is needed. If we want to add more fields in
> the future (I don't really see what could they be though), then we should
> stick to the standard semi-colon delimited list  format. So, something like:
> EXX;message:<message>
> But then we need to decide how to encode <message>. I guess the most
> "standard" approach would be to hex-encode it, although it will make them
> hard to read manually.
> >
> > I guess removing EXX would make it incompatible with gdb-server. Also
> > adding new packets to query errors might not be desired ?
> I think we should keep the numeric codes. Sometimes it may be useful to
> programmatically switch on them, and that's hard to do with a string only. For
> compatibility's sake, I'd only send the error messages if the client explicitly
> enables it via some packet.
> pl
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