[lldb-dev] Current status of simultaneous multiple target debugging in LLDB

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Sun Jun 11 23:28:28 PDT 2017


I have to implement a debugger for our HW which comprises of CPU+GPU where
the GPU is coded in OpenCL and is accelerated through OpenVX API in C++
application which runs on CPU. Our requirement is we should be able to
debug the code running on both CPU and GPU simultaneously with in the same
LLDB debug session.

Looking at the mailing list archive I see that there were discussions about
this feature in LLDB here

What is the present status i.e. what works today and what is to be improved
of simultaneous multiple target debugging support in LLDB? Were the changes
contributed to LLDB mainstream?

How can I access the material for http://llvm.org/devmtg/2014-10/#bof5
(Future directions and features for LLDB)

Appreciate any help/guidance provided on the same.

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