[lldb-dev] Linux issues where I am not getting breakpoints...

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Wed Apr 12 15:43:31 PDT 2017

On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 10:43 AM Greg Clayton via lldb-dev <
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> What I now believe is happening is lldb-server is exiting for some reason
> and then the process just runs and still shows the output in LLDB because
> we hooked up the STDIO. I see lldb-server exits with an exit code of 0, but
> no command had been sent to terminate it. I will track that down.
> Also, log_channels in lldb-gdbserver.cpp is using a llvm::StringRef
> incorrectly:
>     case 'c': // Log Channels
>       if (optarg && optarg[0])
>         log_channels = StringRef(optarg);
>       break;
> Bad! This is exactly when we shouldn't be using llvm::StringRef. optarg is
> a static variable and can change if there are any arguments after "-c
> <args>".

Good catch, log_channels should definitely be a std::string here.
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