[lldb-dev] Using LLDB API on windows

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Hi Russell,


I assume you mean for SBTarget::Launch or LaunchSimple to launch a Windows application.


The short answer is, this already works.


SBTarget::Launch calls Target::Launch, which calls DebugProcess in the relevant platform. For cases where we use lldb-server, the platform make a call that eventually gets to  GDBRemoteCommunication::StartDebugserverProcess to start up lldb-server. On Windows, PlatformWindows::DebugProcess calls Process::Launch, which (on Windows) will do the correct thing to start up and connect to a Windows process.


See PlatformWindows::DebugProcess in source\Plugins\Platform\Windows\PlatformWindows.cpp and ProcessLauncherWIndows::LaunchProcess in source\Host\windows\ProcessLauncherWindows.cpp .





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Hey so I am developing a project using LLDB as a debugger and am looking to make it cross-platform. 


As I see it, the LLDB API boots up an instance of lldb-server, but lldb-server isn't available on windows. Is there a way to use the LLDB C++ API on windows? 


On the status page <https://lldb.llvm.org/status.html>  I see the lldb commandline tool is OK for windows, which uses the LLDB API, how is this achieved?



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