[lldb-dev] Generating an event when calling SBThread::SetSelectedFrame and SBProcess::SetSelectedThreadByID

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Tue Oct 25 01:42:19 PDT 2016

Hi all,

Does anyone know how I can get LLDB to generate events when calling SBProcess::SetSelectedThreadByID?
SetSelectedThreadByID calls SetSelectedThreadByIndexID, but it doesn't pass the notify parameter so it defaults to false in ThreadList.h . Same story for SBThread::SetSelectedFrame.

Why is the default set to false? The event shouldn't be generated if there is no listener and if there is one then why not notify it? I'm also curious how Xcode manages to update its threads window when changing the selected thread from the console if no event gets generated.

2 solutions come to mind:

1.       Overload the public functions in order to expose the notify parameter (broadcast for the frame function).

2.       Change the default if there is no reason to have it set to false.

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