[lldb-dev] File::Read does not read everything

Eugene Birukov via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 17 12:20:50 PDT 2016


I am using LLDB 3.9 on Linux Ubuntu. I am loading a 5GiB core which is located on Windows file share mounted on Linux via mount.cifs. I see that we successfully allocated memory and are trying to fill it in one read. Unfortunately pread returns 2GiB and we never check for short read here.

I think we could combine this code with previous block "#if defined (MAX_READ_SIZE)" if we simply check for short read here (bytes_read too small) and loop until all the buffer is filled.



#ifndef _WIN32
    int fd = GetDescriptor();
    if (fd != kInvalidDescriptor)
        ssize_t bytes_read = -1;
            bytes_read = ::pread (fd, buf, num_bytes, offset);
        } while (bytes_read < 0 && errno == EINTR);

        if (bytes_read < 0)
            num_bytes = 0;
            offset += bytes_read;
            num_bytes = bytes_read;

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