[lldb-dev] Refactoring in LLDB Windows Plugin

Adrian McCarthy via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 18 16:00:02 PST 2016

If you're not working in LLDB's Windows process plugin, you probably don't
care about this message.

FYI:  I'm doing some refactoring (actually unfactoring) in the Windows
process plugin.  It'll take a series patches over a few days next week.  If
you're planning on working in this area, please let me know so we can


Last year, I factored the classes like ProcessWindows into pairs of classes
with names like ProcessWindows and ProcessWindowsLive so that I could
introduce classes like ProcessWindowsMiniDump that shared common code.  Now
that the Windows-specific minidump plugin has been superseded by the
cross-platform minidump plugin, this factoring is no longer necessary.
Since the factoring creates extra layers that make the code harder to
understand and maintain, I'd like to undo the split.

My plan is to do this in three NFC patches:

Patch 1.  Roll the functionality from the common classes into the -Live
classes.  This will eliminate everything under
Plugins/Process/Windows/Common and leave the functional code in

Patch 2.  Rename the -Live classes to shorter, more tractable names.

Patch 3.  Move the code up from the Live subdirectory so that it once again
lives in Plugins/Process/Windows.

Patches 2 and 3 could be done in a single step, but I think the history
will be easier to follow if I keep them separate.

If you have any concerns about this plan, please let me know.

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