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Wed Nov 16 15:55:39 PST 2016

as some of you likely already know I will be leaving Apple at the end of 

This career change also means I will not be as involved in lldb as I 
have been in the past. It also means I don't believe I would be doing 
the best interest of the community by serving as a code owner. For that 
reason, I'd like to resign from my code ownership duties.

As of today, I am code owner for:
D: Data Formatters, Core/Value*, Objective C Language runtime, Test 
suite, Xcode build

I would recommend that the community consider Jim Ingham for taking over 
data formatters. He is already code owner for Objective-C runtime and 

I'd like to recommend that the remaining part of Value* 
(Value.h/Value.cpp) go to Greg Clayton.

Zachary Turner has done a lot of great work on our test suite 
infrastructure, and I am confident that the community would be well 
served by having him serve as code owner for that portion of the project 
going forward.

I have no specific suggestions for the Xcode build and the SWIG bits. 
With that said, I would encourage the choice of somebody inside Apple 
given that Xcode is exclusive to the Mac, and the SWIG bits could 
certainly benefit from a code owner who is aware of the stringent 
requirements Apple has on SWIG versions.

Last, but not least, I'd like to say that working with the lldb - and 
broader llvm - community has been a great honor. This is a diverse, 
talented and passionate group of engineers with the common goal of 
producing high-quality software and the skills to deliver on that goal, 
time and again. While I won't be around as much in the future, I am 
confident that the project will continue to thrive and improve!

/- Enrico/

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