[lldb-dev] Discrete code and data memories

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Wed May 25 02:16:11 PDT 2016

I'm trying to implement LLDB support for an architecture where code and
data stores can be explicitly separated and can even have overlapping
addresses (one can think of it as ROM and RAM, with separate access buses).

My impression is that LLDB somewhat presumes a hybrid memory map, e.g. the
client requests "qMemoryRegionInfo:$PC" for the program counter value but
might also do "qMemoryRegionInfo:$SP" for the stack pointer and from the
address value alone one can't safely determine which memory type is meant.
A similar issue would exist for the X/x commands.

I apologise for not knowing better terminology to describe this - quite
possibly LLDB does cater for it and I haven't understood the description,
e.g. there's some way to "adorn" an address or set some context or scope
for it through a preceding command?

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