[lldb-dev] Inquiry regarding AddOneMoreFrame function in UnWindLLDB

Ravitheja Addepally via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue May 17 08:00:55 PDT 2016

      I am currently working on Bug 27687 (PrintStackTraces), so the reason
for the failure is the erroneous unwinding of the frames from the zeroth
frame. The error is not detected in AddOneMoreFrame, since it only checks
for 2 more frames, if it was checking more frames in AddOneMoreFrame, it
would have detected the error. Now my questions are ->

->  is that is there any specific reason for only checking 2 frames instead
of more ?
-> Is is safe to assume that in the absence of prologue and epilogue the
assembly unwinder will always fail ?

Best Regards,
A Ravi Theja
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