[lldb-dev] Bug fixes for release_38 branch

Francis Ricci via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 28 12:57:42 PDT 2016

Over the last month or two, I've been working to stabilize the release_38
branch of lldb, and there are commits which fix bugs on this branch that
I'd like to cherry-pick down. They're listed at the bottom of this message.

One thing to note - r251106 is a commit I'd like to revert, instead of a
cherry-pick. When we use this commit (multithreaded dwarf parsing) on the
3.8 branch, I run into a lot of dwarf assertion failures, even after
cherry-picking all the dwarf fixes I could find from master. I don't see
these assertion failures on master, so it's definitely an issue that's been
fixed since the branch cut, but I think the best solution for the
release_38 branch is to disable it for now.

r264810 will have a small merge conflict due to an indentation change in
r263735 will have a small merge conflict due to a whitespace change on
master. Everything else should apply cleanly.

r267741 Use absolute module path when possible if sent in svr4 packets
r264810 Fixed the failing test TestCommandScriptImmediateOutput on MacOSX
r267468 Maintain register numbering across xml include features
r267467 Properly unload modules from target image list when using svr4
r267466 Use Process Plugin register indices when communicating with remote
r267463 Store absolute path for lldb executable in dotest.py
r267462 Create _lldb python symlink correctly when LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX is
r265422 Fix dotest.py '-p' option for multi-process mode
r265420 Print environment when dumping arch triple
r265419 Make sure to update Target arch if environment changed
r265418 Allow gdbremote process to read modules from memory
r264476 Fix FILE * leak in Python API
r264351 Make File option flags consistent for Python API
r263824 Fixed a bug where DW_AT_start_scope would fall through to
DW_AT_artificial in SymbolFileDWARF::ParseVariableDIE(). This was caught by
the clang warning that catches unannotated case fall throughs.
r263735 Fix deadlock due to thread list locking in 'bt all' with obj-c
r261858 Handle the case when a variable is only valid in part of the
enclosing scope
r261598 Fixed a problem where the DWARF for inline functions was mis-parsed.
r261279 Make sure code that is in the middle of figuring out the correct
architecture on attach uses the architecture it has figured out, rather
than the Target's architecture, which may not have been updated to the
correct value yet.
r260626 Don't crash if we have a DIE that has a DW_AT_ranges attribute and
yet the SymbolFileDWARF doesn't have a DebugRanges. If this happens print a
nice error message to prompt the user to file a bug and attach the
offending DWARF file so we can get the correct compiler fixed.
r260618 Removed a bad assertion:
r260322 Added code that was commented out during testing to stops template
member functions from being added to class definitions (see revision 260308
for details).
r260308 Fixed many issues that were causing differing type definition
issues to show up when parsing expressions.
r259962 Fix "thread backtrace -s": option was misparsed because of a
missing break.
r258367 Fix a problem where we were not calling fcntl() with the correct
arguments for F_DUPFD
r257786 Fixed a crasher when dealing with table entries that have blank
r257644 Fix an issue where scripted commands would not actually print any
of their output if an immediate output file was set in the result object
via a Python file object
REVERT - r251106 Re-commit "Make dwarf parsing multi-threaded"
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