[lldb-dev] Ubuntu nightly package for lldb 3.8 has no binary

Francis Ricci via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Apr 26 18:05:51 PDT 2016

I'm trying to install lldb-3.8 on Ubuntu (trusty), but installing the
lldb-3.8 packages doesn't appear to install a binary (only symlinks).
According to dpkg -L, I have the following symlinks:
/usr/bin/lldb-3.8 -> ../lib/llvm-3.8/bin/lldb
/usr/lib/llvm-3.8/bin/lldb -> lldb-3.8.0

/usr/lib/llvm-3.8/bin/lldb-3.8.0 does not exist, and dpkg doesn't show any
other possible lldb binaries.

I'm using:
deb http://llvm.org/apt/trusty/ llvm-toolchain-trusty-3.8 main
deb-src http://llvm.org/apt/trusty/ llvm-toolchain-trusty-3.8 main

Installing lldb-3.9 works without a problem.

Is this a known problem? If you can point me to the scripts used by the
nightly builds, I can look into it.

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