[lldb-dev] Errors when building lldb lookup example

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<algorithm> belongs to the c++ library. On Windows Visual Studio 2013, it's
c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\include\algorithm .
On my Ubuntu 12 machine, for gcc 4.8 it's /usr/include/c++/4.8/algorithm .
In my libc++ installation, it's <libc++>/include/c++/v1/algorithm .

What compiler are you using? What c++ library?


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Subject: [lldb-dev] Errors when building lldb lookup example

I have successfully built LLDB on a linux x86_64 (following exact steps from
the LLVM and LLDB web build pages).

Cd to llvm/tools/lldb/examples/lookup/ and running make gives me the
following error:

main.cpp:17:10: fatal error: 'LLDB/SBBlock.h' file not found

So it turns out this file exists in ../include/lldb/API/SBBlock.h

I changed all includes in the example to point to 'lldb/API/..' (Which I
believe should not be necessary in the first place)

Now I am getting:

..SharingPtr.h:13:10: fatal error: 'algorithm' file not found

I will appreciate if you can help me out on this.

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