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Pavel Labath:

 First of all, thank you for your answers.

What type of file generated debug information output to when build exe file? How to generate? 
I use "clang ++ -o hello.exe hello.cpp -g" command generates a pdb and exe.  pdb and exe file format is fixed, how to store debugging information generated by clang?

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as far as I know, lldb can debug windows applications, but there are a
lot of features missing (support for PDB debug info being the most
serious -- i.e. your exe must be built with clang to have any debug
info). You don't need to use any debug server, just do a "target
create", "process launch".
hope that helps,
On 15 June 2015 at 04:25, haifeng.qin <haifeng.qin at wellintech.com> wrote:
>  hi!
>  Ask a few questions:
> 1. LLDB support debug .exe files in the windows?  need to rely on debugger
> Server? Which server for use on windows?
> 2. I use lldb and gdbserver with locally debug .exe file on windows, but
> there is a problem:
> Steps:
>      gdbserver:
>      > gdbserver --remote-debug --multi [<hostname>:] <portnum>
>      lldb
>      > gdb-remote [<hostname>:] <portnum>
>      > target create -d <filename>
>      > add-dsym -s <symbolsFilename>
>      > process launch -s
>      > breakpoint set -f <sourcefile> -l <linenum>; failure
>      > thread step-in; crash
> May I ask what is the reason, what should be done?
> thanks!
> qin.
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