[lldb-dev] C++ API: Passing information from debuggee to debugger

Pavel Labath labath at google.com
Tue Jun 2 02:21:24 PDT 2015


Yes, please file a bug. I been wanting to implement passing of the
struct siginfo_t from the inferior all the way up to lldb (besides
your use case, it is also useful for displaying more precise
information about segfaults, etc.). However, that is not a priority
now, so it may take a while (patches welcome though :) ).

>> So, is there any other "legal" way to achieve what I need?
As I understand it, the way people do this kind of thing usually is to
have a special function in the inferior (e.g., void
my_debugger_interface(my_data *). Then the debugger can set a
breakpoint on this function and read all the data it needs from the
function arguments. If you want to be sure two threads don't call this
function simultaneously, you can protect it with a regular mutex.


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