[lldb-dev] C++ API: Passing information from debuggee to debugger

Eugene Birukov eugenebi at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 1 17:43:50 PDT 2015

I need the deguggee to stop and pass some information to the debugger - if the debugger is attached, that is. And I want to do it from different threads in concurrent manner. So, I thought maybe I use run-time signals on Linux: i.e. the thread would:
Fill out some buffer with data the debugger needs to seeSend signal 35 to itself passing the address of the buffer as a payload:  
sigval value;value.sival_ptr = address;sigqueue(gettid(), 35, value); 
In the signal handler just ignore the signal 
If debugger is attached, it will see the signal and inspect info->si_value.sival_ptr. But unfortunately LLDB reports only signal number and drops the value on the floor. 
So, is there any other "legal" way to achieve what I need?
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