[lldb-dev] debugging when the target is a boot loader

Ted Woodward ted.woodward at codeaurora.org
Fri Apr 17 15:32:21 PDT 2015

One of my customers brought a new use case to me yesterday. He runs a
bootloader, that loads the actual program that he wants to debug.


We're using a simulator, which my Hexagon Platform can launch and connect
to. I launch the simulator with the target to run (the boot loader) and
arguments from target.run-args, consisting of args for the simulator,
followed by "--" and args for the target. In this case, args for the
bootloader include the ELF file (which I'll call the secondary) that it
should load and run.


I tried using "target modules add" to add the secondary, but breakpoints I
set on its symbols weren't hit.


I could use the secondary as LLDB's target, but then LLDB couldn't launch
the simulator with the bootloader. I could launch the simulator manually and
connect to it with gdb-remote, but I'd rather do that automatically.


Any advice on how to treat the secondary as part of the target?



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