[lldb-dev] DWARF language vendor extensions

Abid, Hafiz Hafiz_Abid at mentor.com
Wed Apr 1 05:04:06 PDT 2015

Hi Colin,

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> Hey folks,
> I'm wanting to add a LanguageType enum entry which is a vendor extension.
> What are the thoughts on this? Should I go along the lines of adding it's
> name eLanguageTypeExt* as a way to differentiate against official supported
> languages in the DWARF spec? 
Please use the enum value from the range 0x8000-0xffff to avoid a possible future conflict.

>In the medium-term future this language may get a real ID - hence why the Ext being in there may be wise.
I think the period for submission of new proposals in Dwarf5 has ended. So it may have to go in next.


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