[lldb-dev] LLDB Expression Parser Name Mangling

Alex Pepper apepper at blueshiftinc.com
Mon Jun 30 10:52:34 PDT 2014

* I sent this earlier before I registered, sorry in advance if this 
shows up as a duplicate.

I have been familiarizing myself with the expression parsing code in 
LLDB with the intention of finding and fixing several expression parser 
related bugs.

The first issue that I have been investigating in detail is related to 
calling c_str() on a standard string.  The expression fails because LLDB 
is not able to match up the mangled function name with any names in the 
symbol table.  There is special handling for standard strings in 
IRForTarget::GetFunctionAddress to support two variants of the mangled 
name prefix of, _ZNKSbIc and _ZNKSs.  The _ZNKSbIc represents 
basic_string<char> whereas _ZNKSs represents string which is a typedef 
of basic_string<char>. In this case the full name in the g++ compiled 
dwarf symbols is _ZNKSs5c_strEv,  Clang also generates the same symbol.  
The call to m_decl_map->GetFunctionAddress is failing because the 
mangled name that is being generated by the JIT compiled expression is 
actually the fully specified name, 
_ZNKSbIcSt17char_traits<char>St15allocator<char>E5c_strEv, which is 
equivalent to basic_string<char,char_traits<char>,allocator<char>>.
I have been walking through the expression parsing code but have not 
been able to locate where this name is actually generated.  I am 
guessing the name is generated during the ParseAST but I have not been 
able to track it down yet, any help would be appreciated.

- Alex

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