[lldb-dev] Blog posting about my experience with LLDB so far

Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Fri Jun 27 10:02:24 PDT 2014

I am glad you have been able to make things work and the LLDB will be happy to help you fix the issues you have run into.

- The single character typename things is fixed in Beta 6
- The variable depth issue should be easy to fix, we haven't had any targets that represent types as instances, so displaying infinite values hasn't been a problem because we stop at pointer boundaries. It might be better to teach LLDB that certain data types should be treated as pointers and not recursively expanded to fix this?
- debug info missing issue: there is a compiler option that help more complete debug info for clang: -fstandalone-debug. Try enabling this option and see if this improves things.
- synthetic children not being shown for all pointer types should be easy to fix

Your comment:

"Don't rely on running code within the target process. By not running code within the target process, we can also support debugging core files. This means that we need to implement things in terms of reading memory from the target process."

We already have this. The expression parser knows how to emulate IR for expressions if the expression results in only reading/writing memory or registers. Emulating the IR doesn't handle function calls as emulating the ABI for all arguments correctly is a very tricky issues and one that we leave the compiler to do by using the JIT. Is there something more you were looking to accomplish here? 


> On Jun 27, 2014, at 2:30 AM, Bruce Mitchener <bruce.mitchener at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Earlier this week, I took the time to summarize my experience so far with integrating Dylan support with LLDB:
>     http://dylanfoundry.org/2014/06/25/integrating-with-lldb/
> I have a lot of work left that I'd like to do, so there will be future installments. In the short term, I have a lot of loose ends to tie up.
> I hope this is useful information for someone. I'm hoping to help fix some of these issues myself and am looking at various possible fixes and will start some new threads.
>  - Bruce
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