[lldb-dev] DWARF parsing code

Ed Maste emaste at freebsd.org
Fri Jun 20 17:23:16 PDT 2014

On 20 June 2014 19:42, Zachary Turner <zturner at google.com> wrote:
> It seems to me like the code in source\Plugins\SymbolFile\DWARF was forked
> from llvm\lib\DebugInfo.   Can anyone offer some history here?
> Is there any technical reason, aside from simply the work hasn't been done
> yet, that we can't merge this back up into LLVM's DWARF parsing code and
> then just re-use that?

It's the other way around -- the code started out in LLDB, and was
then reused in LLVM, but nobody refactored LLDB to use the new one.
They have now diverged and each has some functionality that's not
present in the other one.

There's no technical reason we couldn't converge on one implementation
-- it's just a sizable effort that hasn't made it to the top of
anyone's priority list.

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