[lldb-dev] ELF file header e_machine number registration, question

John Wolfe jlw at xinuos.com
Mon Jun 16 06:46:05 PDT 2014


I will be happy to be of assistance.   Can I ask you to submit a pro 
forma request to either:

     registry at xinuos.com
     registry at sco.com

and provide a company contact (e-mail is sufficient ) as well as the 
machine description as CSR would like it to appear in Chapter 4 of the 
generic  System V Application Binary Interface.  We do not need to 
consume lldb-dev bandwidth for this registration process.

I am assuming that you wish to keep the EM_KALIMBA e_machine name.

Once I get the machine description from the request, I can complete the 
registration and will add EM_KALIMBA
to the patch that I have prepared to submit to LLVM.

-- John

On 6/16/2014 7:59 AM, Matthew Gardiner wrote:
> It now seems that my colleagues are happy to register properly with 
> xinuos, and fix internal tools as needs be, when the new e_machine 
> number becomes available.
> Matt
> Matthew Gardiner wrote:
>> Thanks again John,
>> However, I'd just like to get my original question clearly answered. 
>> Can I submit upstream a machine definition from the "random" range i.e.
>> + EM_KALIMBA = 29420 // Kalimba
>> or do we *need* a properly registered number in order to comply?
>> Some folks in my firm are somewhat resistant of the change (due to 
>> tools breakage etc.), and will need strong justification before I can 
>> make the registration request.
>> thanks
>> Matt
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