[lldb-dev] LLDB Machine Interface Frontend

chansarav chansarav at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 04:32:00 PDT 2014

Hi Deepak,

I am working on integrating my LLDB port into eclipse. Wanted to give a try
on your LLDB machine interface.

Tried lldb-mi from command line. I am facing the following problem.

$ lldb-mi --interpreter a.out
00000001-break-insert main.c:32
1^error,msg="Command 'break-insert'. Breakpoint 'main.c:32' invalid"

Following is the lldb-mi-log.txt content:

F,3/5/114 16:14:24,Application: /home/chandra/install_mi/bin/lldb-mi
F,3/5/114 16:14:24,Command line args: 1:'--interpreter' 2:'a.out'
F,3/5/114 16:14:24,Driver. Using driver 'Machine Interface Driver Version: (Debug)' internally
F,3/5/114 16:14:54,(gdb)
F,3/5/114 16:41:45,00000001-break-insert main.c:32
F,3/5/114 16:41:45,1^error,msg="Command 'break-insert'. Breakpoint
'main.c:32' invalid"

On debugging, at the following line I found 'rTarget' as 'NULL'.

-- MICmdCmdBreak.cpp, CMICmdCmdBreakInsert::Execute() --
197         CMICmnLLDBDebugSessionInfo & rSessionInfo(
CMICmnLLDBDebugSessionInfo::Instance() );
198         lldb::SBTarget & rTarget = rSessionInfo.m_lldbTarget;

I am not clear why the target is NULL at this point. Still debugging on

Can you please help me to go further on this.

Chandra Kumar R.
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