[lldb-dev] lldb does not permit memory reads when target is running

Matthew Gardiner mg11 at csr.com
Thu Jun 5 22:48:06 PDT 2014

Hi folks,

http://lldb.llvm.org/tutorial.html states:

The commands that currently work while running include interrupting the 
process to halt execution ("process interrupt"), getting the process 
status ("process status"), breakpoint setting and clearing (" breakpoint 
[set|clear|enable|disable|list] ..."), and memory reading and writing (" 
memory [read|write] ...").

However, I tried to read memory when my (embedded harvard arch) target 
is running:

(lldb) target list
Current targets:
* target #0: 
( arch=unknown--linux, platform=host, pid=1, state=running )
(lldb) memory read 0x1000 --count 4
error: Process is running.  Use 'process interrupt' to pause execution.

Does my observation reflect a documentation or coding bug?

Matthew Gardiner

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