[lldb-dev] Python support for Windows LLDB

Deepak Panickal deepak at codeplay.com
Mon Nov 11 10:59:22 PST 2013


Python is currently disabled for LLDB Windows builds. We would like to 
enable LLDB Python support in Windows, as it would be especially helpful 
for running the LLDB test suite.

Currently, shell scripts are used for generating the swig wrapper 
classes and hence they would not work in Windows. They can be made to 
work using MSYS bash in Windows, but that would be adding another 
dependency to build LLDB.

We were thinking of a platform-independent solution, such as converting 
the currently used bash scripts to Python, so that they would work in 
Windows too along with other platforms and also avoid maintaining 
separate scripts.

Is this acceptable to proceed, or are there other approaches?


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