[lldb-dev] debugging ios-simul speed issue

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Thu Mar 28 13:06:31 PDT 2013

Op 28-3-2013 20:53, Greg Clayton schreef:
> We recently did fix the exception breakpoints for Apple targets to
> only look in 2 shared libraries, but this cost is just going to push
> this delay a little further down the road until the next expression
> or other global query causes the shared libraries to each be
> queried.

Indeed. Same problem happens for "regular" breakpoints.

> Are you still having LLDB read all shared libraries from memory on
> every debug session? If you don't have local copies of the iOS SDK on
> your window machine, then yes, this is happening every time you debug
> and will continue to cause a slowdown. I would recommend trying to
> solve this issue as this will get you the greatest speed
> improvements. When running LLDB, you can currently select the
> "remote-ios" platform like:

I have them locally now and use a trick like this (I override the 
WindowsPlatform class and override:
     MyPlatformWindows::GetSharedModule (const lldb_private::ModuleSpec 
                     lldb::ModuleSP &module_sp,
                     const lldb_private::FileSpecList 
                     lldb::ModuleSP *old_module_sp_ptr,
                     bool *did_create_ptr)

Making it load with the new path. Pretty much the same thing as the 
sysroot would do except that I get notified over which files I need and 
I can download them on the fly (saving them). Loading them from memory 
was way too slow yes, takes over a minute to load them all.

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