[lldb-dev] debugging ios-simul speed issue

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Wed Mar 27 12:25:43 PDT 2013

I have a rather strange issue on some computers when (remote debugging 
from Windows) to iOS. I have a 5 second "gap" in the log file where it 
does nothing after just having finished loading the (what I 
hope/presume) is the MACH-O headers of libresolv.dylib.

1364376978.867000 163A0E38 ConnectionFileDescriptor::Read () ::read (fd 
= 5936, dst = 140ECA60, dst_len = 8192) => 6, error = (null)

1364376983.577000 08CD3898 Communication::Write (src = 140EE4E0, src_len 
= 14) connection = 163A0E38

I'm hoping someone can give a hint as to where I can start looking for 
this delay. (Unrelated, does it really need to load all these files at 
all if they're not used during debugging?)

Relevant part of the log file:

Full log file:

(note that the paths are all strange due to how I resolve this on 
windows, they do load/exist just file).

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