[lldb-dev] "step" threading issues

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Mon Apr 29 13:15:55 PDT 2013

Op 29-4-2013 18:41, Carlo Kok schreef:
> Op 29-4-2013 18:23, Greg Clayton schreef:
>> You should only get one stopped event unless you are hitting a
>> breakpoint that continues your target. In this case the eStateStopped
>> event would be a "restarted" event which can be found out by:
>>      static bool
>>      SBProcess::GetRestartedFromEvent (const lldb::SBEvent &event);
>> This means the program stopped but restarted automatically. You should
>> never see two eStateStopped events in a row, if you are, please try
>> and reproduce on a Mac target and file a bug.
> Indeed that's my problem. I get several of those with reason "stop" for
> StepInto. I'm up to date on last weeks trunk update to windows; but I'll
> try to compile lldb on OSX to see if I can reproduce it there.

I get this from the log:

at line 1656 it resumes it, yet still broadcast a "stop", which makes no 
sense to me, nor can I find any way this could happen, I do know it 
doesn't happen if i slowly step through it.

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