[lldb-dev] LLDB back in sync with top-of-tree LLVM/Clang

George Russell george at codeplay.com
Tue Sep 25 02:52:56 PDT 2012


Are there currently any publically viewable LLDB build-bots that can 
show the build status / test status of LLDB?


On 25/09/12 00:23, Sean Callanan wrote:
> As of revision 164563 (but, as I say below, please check out 164573), LLDB is back in sync with top-of-tree Clang.
> This commit has several important implications:
>> 1. LLDB is no longer tied to a specific Clang revision.  LLDB top-of-tree is intended to build against Clang top-of-tree.  That means we have to fix any build failures quickly, and I'll be keeping track of compatibility until we get a more permanent solution.
> 2. We no longer use local patches (scripts/{llvm,clang}.*.diff) of any sort.  To ensure LLDB stability, we will make LLDB release branches that will be tied to Clang release branches.
> 3. We no longer use or commit llvm.zip.  If you don't want to have to rebuild Clang, just don't update your local lldb/llvm tree.
>> Building LLDB on OS X works the same way it did before: open up lldb.xcworkspace and build the LLDB scheme.
> For your convenience, I have added a new configuration to the .xcodeproj: DebugClang (available as of revision 164573).  Here's the difference between Debug and DebugClang:
> - Debug builds a Release+Asserts version of Clang, which is easy on the debug information size, but still appropriately yelps when LLDB abuses it.
> - DebugClang builds a Debug+Asserts version of Clang, which contains a TON of debug information.
> Unless you are working specifically on the Clang integration, you'll probably prefer Debug.
> Sean
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