[lldb-dev] remote to debugserver

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Thu Oct 18 03:12:33 PDT 2012

Op 18-10-2012 09:15, Carlo Kok schreef:
> Op 18-10-2012 02:54, Greg Clayton schreef:
>> We don't do any case comparing at all with FileSpec and the
>> performance will be horrible if we enable it. FileSpec objects have 2
>> ConstStrings: 1 for the dir, 1 for the basename. This means that
>> comparing FileSpec objects are one or two pointer compares since the
>> strings are unique and the pointer values states equality.
>> I would be very careful what you do, unless it is a host wide setting
>> (i.e. windows never has case sesitive FS, or always has it).
>> MacOSX can run with and without case sensitive file systems on a per
>> volume basis, so it really isn't easy to enable/disable this for
>> MacOSX.
>> If you have a case where there is never case sensitivity, then you
>> could lowercase all string values as they get put into the FileSpec,
>> but this will make the LLDB output ugly and not match the output from
>> the debug info, and also would require that all paths be resolved to
>> their volume so you would know when the filespec is on a case
>> sensitive file system...
>> I would skip doing anything if you can, otherwise, we need to have a
>> discussion how to handle this.
> You're right (both of you). (And I found out this morning that Windows
> CAN be case sensitive, although it rarely is) I'll try and find out
> where this bad path came from in the first place and reply here.

I managed to solve this without any changes to LLDB. What happened was 
that Visual Studio told my compiler that the source files were in

while it told the Visual Studio Debugger api said they were in:

Now I resolve the path before passing it on to LLVM and LLDB 	


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