[lldb-dev] assert in symbolfiledwarf.cpp

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Thu Nov 1 11:28:05 PDT 2012

Op 1-11-2012 18:31, Greg Clayton schreef:
> Fixed with:
> % svn commit
> Sending        source/Plugins/SymbolFile/DWARF/SymbolFileDWARF.cpp
> Transmitting file data .
> Committed revision 167236.
> It won't crash anymore, butyou will want to find out why this assert was
firing off. A DWARF DW_TAG_compile_unit should have been what caused us
to create the lldb_private::CompileUnit item in the first place, so for
it not be able to be found a little bit later means something is very wrong.

Indeed. It was due to having multiple CU's in 1 file.

Eric Christopher told me this wasn't supported properly atm, and not at 
all on OSX. I now have my project file (doesnt' have code in it but just 
a list of files) as Compile Unit, and the source as "Files", which 
LLDB/LLVM treats as include files.

So now it works a lot better than it did, I CAN trigger multiple bps at 
once. (Though I still have the weird callstack issue mentioned earier, 
where can I find the code that resolves a callstack?) and it doesn't 
like it if the files in a single unit are in different dirs, something 
I'll try to resolve too.

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