[lldb-dev] Looking for an equivalent of "gdb return"

Jean-Daniel Dupas devlists at shadowlab.org
Sun May 27 05:28:25 PDT 2012

Le 26 mai 2012 à 19:25, Greg Clayton a écrit :

> On May 26, 2012, at 4:05 AM, Jean-Daniel Dupas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm moving from GDB to LLDB, and while I managed to perform almost everything I need with LLDB, I miss one GDB feature.
>> The return command:
>> help return
>> 	Make selected stack frame return to its caller.
>> 	Control remains in the debugger, but when you continue
>> 	execution will resume in the frame above the one now selected.
>> 	If an argument is given, it is an expression for the value to return.
>> Is there some equivalent in LLDB ? 
> Unfortunately, no. Feel free to file an enhancement request.

Which bug reporter do you recommend for such request ? llvm bug reporter or Apple bug reporter ? 

-- Jean-Daniel

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