[lldb-dev] Python packaging change

Mark Peek mark at peek.org
Mon May 14 12:16:33 PDT 2012

I recently updated by tree and had problems running lldb due to Python issues. 
Below is what I've been able to determine is the issue. I thought asking the 
list first for directional advice would make more sense prior to suggesting a 

This revision changed the Python files into a Python package:

However, this broke running on FreeBSD since the finish-swig-Python-LLDB.sh 
script is only run from an Xcode build even though the script appears to 
support both LLDB.framework and non-Darwin builds. For non-Darwin builds the 
Python file install is done in source/Interpreter/Makefile (which was not 
changed to support the new packaging and usage).

There are probably 3 locations for installing the Python packages:

1. Framework installs for Darwin
2. In-tree installs for testing lldb local to the source tree
3. Installed lldb for general use.

I believe the Python packaging should be consistent across these install 
locations even though the actual location may vary. The question is, where 
should the packaging be done for these to be kept consistent? Should 
non-Darwin systems use the shell script instead of the Makefile? Or should 
both be kept in sync?

Also, two other related issues:
1. The finish-swig-Python-LLDB.sh shell script introduced a sh incompatibility 
by using a bash function.
2. It is unclear that the non-Darwin need or want some of the Cocoa/objc 
python files which would mean changing the packaging and the Python imports 
used in ScriptInterpreterPython.cpp to optionally install those files.


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