[lldb-dev] python interface breakpoint commands and expression results

Doug Russell doug at getitdownonpaper.com
Sat Jun 23 19:42:29 PDT 2012

I've been working on a script to store and fetch stack traces for gcd and
I've got it working if I set the symbolic breakpoints manually, but if I
set the breakpoints in the script, one of my breakpoints never hits and the
command attached to it behaves weirdly:


This is the function to make the breakpoints in the script

def set_dispatch_breakpoints(debugger, command, result, dict):
debugger.HandleCommand('breakpoint set -F dispatch_async')
breakpointcount = lldb.target.GetNumBreakpoints()
debugger.HandleCommand("breakpoint command add -s command {index} -o
'store_stack -a $arg2'".format(index=breakpointcount))
debugger.HandleCommand('breakpoint set -F _dispatch_call_block_and_release')
breakpointcount = lldb.target.GetNumBreakpoints()
lldb.debugger.HandleCommand("breakpoint command add -s command {index} -o
'print_stack -a $arg1'".format(index=breakpointcount))

The breakpoints get made (using a debugging command on a breakpoint in main
to call set_dispatch_breakpoints)

(lldb) b
breakpoint list --full
Current breakpoints:
1: file ='main.m', line = 27, locations = 1, resolved = 1

  1.1: where = BlockStack`main + 22 at main.m:27, address =
0x0000000100001c36, resolved, hit count = 1

2: name = 'dispatch_async', locations = 1, resolved = 1
    Breakpoint commands:
      store_stack -a $arg2

  2.1: where = libdispatch.dylib`dispatch_async, address =
0x00007fff89753cb5, resolved, hit count = 0

3: name = '_dispatch_call_block_and_release', locations = 1, resolved = 1
    Breakpoint commands:
      print_stack -a $arg1

  3.1: where = libdispatch.dylib`_dispatch_call_block_and_release, address
= 0x00007fff89751a74, resolved, hit count = 0

and the second break point gets called and the expression looking up the
functions argument memory address description works as expected. The third
breakpoint never hits, but it's debug command does. The debug command that
hits for the third breakpoint resolves a garbage memory address and once it
returns the debugger becomes unresponsive.

This is all on xcode 4.5 on lion

Doug Russell
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