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Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Thu Jul 19 14:26:53 PDT 2012

On Jul 19, 2012, at 1:32 PM, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've built LLDB on Linux, but it does not work properly: when running "lldb myexecutable" it prints
>   Current executable set to './myexecutable' (x86_64).
> then uses 100% CPU and nothing happens. It also doesn't respond on Ctrl-C.
> To make it starting without exceptions, I had to add Release+Asserts/lib/python to PYTHONPATH (note that documentation [1] advices "Set PYTHONPATH to point to the directory holding lldb.py").

It sounds like the following function isn't doing its job on linux in lldb/source/Host/Common/Host.cpp:

Host::GetLLDBPath (PathType path_type, FileSpec &file_spec);

This functions helps find things that are distrubuted with LLDB. The path type returned is specified using an enumeration "lldb_private::PathType". Details are in the enumerations from lldb-private-enumerations.h:

// Used in conjunction with Host::GetLLDBPath () to find files that
// are related to 
typedef enum PathType
    ePathTypeLLDBShlibDir,          // The directory where the lldb.so (unix) or LLDB mach-o file in LLDB.framework (MacOSX) exists
    ePathTypeSupportExecutableDir,  // Find LLDB support executable directory (debugserver, etc)
    ePathTypeHeaderDir,             // Find LLDB header file directory
    ePathTypePythonDir,             // Find Python modules (PYTHONPATH) directory
    ePathTypeLLDBSystemPlugins,     // System plug-ins directory
    ePathTypeLLDBUserPlugins        // User plug-ins directory
} PathType;

There is a case statement for the "ePathTypePythonDir" which isn't doing the right thing for linux:

    case ePathTypePythonDir:                
            // TODO: Anyone know how we can determine this for linux? Other systems?
            // For linux we are currently assuming the location of the lldb
            // binary that contains this function is the directory that will 
            // contain lldb.so, lldb.py and embedded_interpreter.py...

            static ConstString g_lldb_python_dir;
            if (!g_lldb_python_dir)
                FileSpec lldb_file_spec;
                if (GetLLDBPath (ePathTypeLLDBShlibDir, lldb_file_spec))
                    char raw_path[PATH_MAX];
                    char resolved_path[PATH_MAX];
                    lldb_file_spec.GetPath(raw_path, sizeof(raw_path));

#if defined (__APPLE__)
                    char *framework_pos = ::strstr (raw_path, "LLDB.framework");
                    if (framework_pos)
                        framework_pos += strlen("LLDB.framework");
                        ::strncpy (framework_pos, "/Resources/Python", PATH_MAX - (framework_pos - raw_path));
                    FileSpec::Resolve (raw_path, resolved_path, sizeof(resolved_path));
            file_spec.GetDirectory() = g_lldb_python_dir;
            return file_spec.GetDirectory();

On MacOSX we have our lldb.py file in our shared library, so we use the GetLLDBPath() function with "ePathTypeLLDBShlibDir" to locate the shared library (which is "$(BUILD_DIR)/LLDB.framework/Contents/MacOS/LLDB"), then we play with this path to remove the come up with "$(BUILD_DIR)/LLDB.framework/Resources/Python".

On Linux, it is trying to get "ePathTypeLLDBShlibDir", or the directory in which the lldb.so shared library file exists, and it is assuming that the lldb.py file is in this directory. I am not sure how things on linux are going to be installed eventually, but it will differ between the different configurations. The three configurations we support via preprocessor macros are currently:

	// The LLDB built for distrubution
	// Debug version of LLDB used for building and debugging LLDB without installing it

So for linux you might need to do some extra logic here. If you fix this function, it should work.

> Is Python 2.7 a hard requirement for running LLDB?

Most testing happens with 2.7 since this is the default on MacOSX. 
> [1] http://lldb.llvm.org/build.html
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> Regards,
> Konstantin
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