[lldb-dev] FreeBSD and Linux patch

Mark Peek mark at peek.org
Wed Jan 4 14:45:54 PST 2012

[Resending from my subscribed email address]

Having taken a snapshot of lldb and pushed it into github, we have developed a 
patch set to refactor the Linux and FreeBSD support to reduce the differences 
and improve compatibility. The current repo has been built and run on 64bit 
FreeBSD and Linux systems.

The github repo is located here:


And a patch set against rXXXXX of lldb is here:


We'd like the current work to not diverge too far away from the main repo and 
we thought others might want to play with this or help out. Some of the todo's 
on our list are:

- Verify i386 operation on Linux, implement/verify on FreeBSD
- Verify attach support
- FreeBSD stop at exit
- thread support
- core file support
- Better process control for interrupting inferior
- Get buildbot passing reliably

Are there any volunteers with commit bits willing to review and commit this
patch to the lldb repo? Dawn is going to follow up with a formal patch to 
lldb-commits at .

Mark, Kip and Dawn

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