[lldb-dev] [patch] lldb-platform-work branch freebsd updates

Viktor Kutuzov vkutuzov at accesssoftek.com
Wed Apr 11 22:30:53 PDT 2012

Hello Enrico,

here is a patch to update the lldb-platform-work branch to fix building on FreeBSD and also this patch contains some changes for the freebsd parts.
The following changes have been made:
 - added Makefile for Platform/POSIX
 - updated the lib/Makefile to link liblldbPlatformPOSIX.a
 - removed ProcessPOSIX::UpdateThreadListIfNeeded. The method of the base class is not a virtual method, becaue of it the ProcessPOSIX::UpdateThreadListIfNeeded method is useless
 - updated UpdateThreadList methods in according of previous API changes

Would you review and apply this patch if it looks ok?

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