[lldb-dev] Debugging with self built LLDB on osx

michael at tweakoz.com michael at tweakoz.com
Wed Nov 30 18:12:23 PST 2011

With today's TOT:I get the error: ERROR: INITIAL PROCESS STATE WASN'T
STOPPED: EXITED (SEE BELOW)I have created the lldb_codesign
Anything else I need to do?
/tozbin/lldb ./myprog # /tozbin/lldb is a symlink to the lldb in my
DerivedData folderStdSetProvider imported..Current executable set to
'./myprog' (x86_64).(lldb) bdysBreakpoint created: 1: name = ':',
locations = 0 (pending)WARNING: Unable to resolve breakpoint to any
actual locations.(lldb) rdysProcess 8072 launched:
(x86_64)error: initial process state wasn't stopped: exited
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