[lldb-dev] lldb crash

Andrey Zaytsev andrey.zaytsev at jetbrains.com
Thu Jul 14 05:32:17 PDT 2011

I've got crash when was trying to call GetNumChildren of value which I got from EvaluateExpression method.

We have class:

@interface Item : NSObject {
    NSString *title;
    NSString *type;

@property(retain)NSString* title;
//... and some other stupid stuff

I'm trying to evaluate expression "[item title]"
Value is ok. But when GetNumChildren is invoked i've got crash: 

static bool
GetCompleteQualType (clang::ASTContext *ast, clang::QualType qual_type) {

case clang::Type::ObjCInterface:
            const clang::ObjCObjectType *objc_class_type = dyn_cast<clang::ObjCObjectType>(qual_type);
            if (objc_class_type)
                clang::ObjCInterfaceDecl *class_interface_decl = objc_class_type->getInterface();
                // We currently can't complete objective C types through the newly added ASTContext
                // because it only supports TagDecl objects right now...
                bool is_forward_decl = class_interface_decl->isForwardDecl();  // !! <----- crashed here. class_interface_decl == NULL
Sorry for screenshot instead of normal crash dump. =( I just was not able to get it.

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CFBundleVersion of LLDB is 63.

I couldn't reproduce it with Xcode (just because of "Evaluate expression" doesn't work at all with message "Invalid expression")

Please please please fix it! 
Thank you.

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