[lldb-dev] frontent for LLDB

Andrey Zaytsev andrey.zaytsev at jetbrains.com
Wed Jul 6 14:27:36 PDT 2011

Hello everyone!
I'm working on lldb front-end for AppCode project. 
I faced with real lack of documentation about API and I have question about SBListeners and SBEvents. I can't find a way to get information about subject of event. 
I received event about breakpoint change (eBroadcastBitBreakpointChanged). How can I get what's exactly changed. The same question is about Interrupt(eBroadcastBitInterrupt). How can I figure out what's the reason of interrupt. I can get answers by reading source code but it's quite complicated way ;-)
I found LLDB is really cool replacement of mess with gdb MI! API is really self-describing but not in some semantics points. 
Thanks in advance, guys.

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