[lldb-dev] WatchpointLocation's tid

Bruce Mitchener bruce.mitchener at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 16:13:21 PST 2011

I was working on a patch that experimentally adds
__attribute__(format(printf, ...))) annotations to the various logging and
printing functions and cleaning up some of the warnings that that generated.
 In doing so, I noticed that this code:

WatchpointLocation::WatchpointLocation (lldb::addr_t addr, lldb::tid_t tid,
bool hardware) :

    StoppointLocation (GetNextID(), addr, tid, hardware),

Seems a bit wrong ...

It is taking the tid and passing it to StoppointLocation, but
StoppointLocation's constructor interprets that as a size parameter instead.
 (Then, later, WatchpointLocation has a log message that should include the
TID, but it doesn't, resulting in too few arguments to the printf

 - Bruce
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