[lldb-dev] lldb patches for OpenBSD

Amit Kulkarni amitkulz at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 12:32:56 PDT 2011

>> Also, is there any interest in convert the Makefiles into CMakeLists.txt?
> Is the LLVM build able to use CMakeLists.txt? What are the advantages of using CMakeLists.txt?

Yes, LLVM + Clang use CMakeLists.txt ***today*** and the devs over
there religiously maintain them. I see the CMakeLists.txt changing all
the time when I do an update.

CMake has different generators to facilitate building on different
OSs. So it generates Makefiles with the -g Unix Makefiles option or it
can generate Microsoft Visual Studio .sln files, or Apple Xcode or
Codeblocks or Eclipse or whatever you care to write it in.


Here on OpenBSD or Linux, I would use CMake to generate Makefiles and
just type gmake or make, and the compile would be the usual way. You
would use CMake to generate XCode and open it in your IDE... If you
have any bugs you report to those guys and they fix it.

In fact, they invented CMake for just such a cross platform project.
If you have any doubts ask cfe-dev@ for help.


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