[lldb-dev] Linux process plugin

arvid.picciani at nokia.com arvid.picciani at nokia.com
Wed Sep 29 04:33:56 PDT 2010

> The heart of this strategy is implemented in
> ProcessMonitor::ServeOperation.  This routine waits on a full duplex
> pipe and reads pointers to instances of the Operation class.  The
> virtual method Operation::Execute implements a particular capability of
> the ptrace() syscall -- when the server invokes this method the
> corresponding ptrace() is executed in the correct thread context.

I see, thanks for that explanation. 

> There never was much functionality even before the plugin bitrotted --
> we could start an inferior, set and step over breakpoints.  There was no
> support for dynamic libraries.

That sounds trivial to implement from there. unloading/loading notification 
seems to be all thats missing.

> Unfortunately I have been swamped with a work project for the last few
> weeks and have not been keeping my builds of LLDB up to date.  I will
> try to find some time this weekend to get back up to speed on the state
> of the plugin and see what I can do to get it back on its feet.

Are you guys on irc somewhere? I found a few contributors on oftc, but 
none really who sounded like picking up the lead of a linux port.

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