[lldb-dev] Cast SBValue?

Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Thu Sep 23 14:16:44 PDT 2010

It currently isn't in there, though it could easily be added. We should probably add it as:

class SBValue {

	SBValue Cast (SBType type);

You would need to check the SBValue object that is returned to make sure the casting happened correctly since we couldn't cast a "struct foo" to a "int *".

Then we would need to be add a FindTypes to SBModule for a lookup in a specific module, and to SBTarget for a lookup in all modules in a target:

class SBModule {
	// Lookup a type in this modules
	SBTypeList FindTypes (const char *type_name, uint32_t max_num_matches);

class SBTarget {

	// Lookup a type in all modules within a target
	SBTypeList FindTypes (const char *type_name, uint32_t max_num_matches);

We need to have the extra "uint32_t max_num_matches" to work around the GCC one definition rule where you might get a type defined in each compile unit in your binary and if you lookup say "size_t", you might get thousands of matches. If you specify "max_num_matches = 1", then you can stop as soon as you find just one match.

The final code would look something like:

SBValue void_ptr_value (...);
SBModule module (frame.GetModule());
SBTypeList type_list (module.FindTypes ("MyType *", 1));
if (type_list.GetSize())
    // We were able to find a type that matches
    SBValue casted_value (void_ptr_value.Cast (type_list.GetTypeAtIndex (0)));
    // Now check cast to make sure it worked
    if (casted_value.IsValid())
        // The cast worked!!

This isn't in the public API just yet, but it can easily be added.

Greg Clayton

On Sep 23, 2010, at 3:04 AM, arvid.picciani at nokia.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I see no way of casting an SBValue to a different type. quite often you have void pointers flying around, that are actually pointers to a class instance.
> Casting inside an expression is not an option, since we'd prefer having it work on coredumps. 
> Is there some API i missed?
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