[lldb-dev] Accessing ELF/DWARF data

John McCutchan john at johnmccutchan.com
Tue Sep 7 22:01:02 PDT 2010


I'm wondering how I could use lldb to access ELF and DWARF data.
Examples being, the symbol table inside an ELF or being able to walk
the DIE tree to find the compilation unit for a given PC.

More specifically, I want to be able to perform these queries on an ELF:

1) For a given PC determine the file name
2) For a given PC determine the function name
3) For a given PC determine the line number

Is this possible with lldb? If not is this something provided by llvm?

I've tried to find the answer to this by looking at the header files,
but nothing jumped out at me.

John McCutchan <john at johnmccutchan.com>

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