[lldb-dev] Symbolic Queries + LLDB

Milen Dzhumerov milen at thecosmicmachine.com
Mon Oct 18 10:59:05 PDT 2010


On 18 Oct 2010, at 18:35, Sean Callanan <scallanan at apple.com> wrote:

> Milen,
> it sounds like what you're proposing could be done with Python code.

I'd personally prefer doing it in C++ (lldb's native plugin language as far as I know). I assume that shouldn't be a problem.

> One thing you'd have to be careful about is figuring out where the conditionals are and what they are testing.  Are you going to pre-parse the code before it comes into LLDB?  We don't have an infrastructure for getting ASTs at the moment.

What kind of representation / information does lldb currently have? Ideally, the AST would be the most useful. One unknown (to me) would be how the mapping between variable names and compiled code would be accomplished (I assume that lldb doesn't have access to llvm IR of the running program) - in any case, I assume the mapping should be a relatively trivial engineering problem. Any thoughts on that?

> If you implement this on top of LLDB using the external API, I think that will allow you to get as many results as possible without needing to go in and implement internal features.  Then, later, once you're confident about what information needs to be associated with what data structures, we can discuss adding that as a general infrastructure that anyone can use.

I think this sounds as the approach to take. I'm very interested into adding range information histories so that analysis tools can be built on top.


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