[lldb-dev] Current status of my Linux porting

Eli Friedman eli.friedman at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 00:21:06 PDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 11:18 PM, Greg Clayton <gclayton at apple.com> wrote:
> source/Plugins/ObjectFile/ELF/ObjectFileELF.cpp:
> Linux doesn't have a header for CPU_TYPE_*.  (Extend/switch to
> llvm/Support/MachO.h or llvm/ADT/Triple.h?)
> We probably need to duplicate some of the CPU_TYPE and CPU_SUBTYPE
> definitions so we don't require the header file. If llvm does have these
> defines we should start t include them from there.
> The CPU type is much more important on the Mac due to us having 32 and 64
> bit binaries that run on the same system.
> These values get used in lldb_private::ArchSpec.
> Currently lldb_private::ArchSpec contains the following members:
> class ArchSpec {
> ...
> protected:
>     uint32_t m_cpu; ///< The cpu type of the architecture
>     uint32_t m_sub; ///< The cpu subtype of the architecture
> };
> This is currently tailored for MachO, but it should be made more generic.
> ArchSpec should be modified to take an arch type enum as well:
> // This would go in lldb-enumerations.h
> typedef enum ArchitectureType
> {
> eArchTypeMachO,
> eArchTypeELF
> };
> class ArchSpec {
> ...
> protected:
>     ArchitectureType m_type; ///< The architecture type
>     uint32_t m_cpu; ///< The cpu type of the architecture (cputype for
> macho, e_machine for ELF)
>     uint32_t m_sub; ///< The cpu subtype of the architecture (cpu_subtype
> for macho, anything for ELF??)
> };
> We would need to modify the ArchSpec class to deal with the new m_type field
> and do the right thing when printing.

Okay; I'll try to take a look at it in the next couple days.

> source/Interpreter/ScriptInterpreterPython.cpp:
> My build doesn't define init_lldb anywhere; I have no idea where the
> definition is supposed to be.
> This comes from the file cpp file that is generated by swig when run on the
> ABI sources.
> This is done by a shell script build phaes in the Xcode project that
> essentially does a:
> cd scripts
> sh ./build-swig-wrapper-classes.sh lldb.swig ../source/LLDBWrapPython.cpp
> The init_lldb ends up being in the LLDBWrapPython.cpp

Ah, okay; I'll adjust my in-progress build system to do that.

> source/Symbol/Symtab.cpp:
> qsort_r isn't quite portable (uses different argument order on Linux
> and *BSD).  Needs ifdeffery or switch to std::sort.
> std::sort bloats up to be quite large in code size and doesn't perform as
> well on MacOSX. Feel free to test and use something appropriate on linux if
> #ifdeffery

Okay; I'll just use an ifdef __APPLE__ at the moment, and we can fix
it up later.

> source/Core/Error.cpp:
> Linux doesn't have kern_return_t or mach_error_string.  Also, missing
> includes.
> #ifdef out should be fine for anything that doesn't make sense in these
> files for linux. Any BSD based system might support this.

I'll just use an ifdef __APPLE__ at the moment, and we can fix it up later.

> source/Core/DataExtractor.cpp:
> Linux doesn't have _OSReadInt* or OSReadSwapInt*; replacements are stubs.
> Linux must have some sort of ultra efficient byte swapping macros, no? If
> so, plug then in with #ifdefs. We should probably add byte swapping macros
> to lldb_private::Host as static inline functions if possible.

I can use llvm/Support/MathExtras.h for bswap; it's just that these
functions have a funny signature, and I haven't gotten around to
writing it.

> source/Core/Log.cpp:
> Linux doesn't have mach_thread_self()
> We already have this abstracted in the host layer, switch to using  static
> Host::GetCurrentThreadID ();

Okay, will do.

> source/Core/FileSpec.cpp:
> st_mtimespec is BSD-only, st_mtim is Linux only AFAIK; maybe switch to
> llvm/System/Path.h?
> As long as we don't run into any RTTI issues, sure thing.

Okay, or I might just use st_mtime.  I'll have to take a look.

> source/Core/Args.cpp:
> optreset is BSD-only; needs ifdeffery or switching away from getopt()
> As long as what ever gets used works on both systems, I don't mind what
> happens here.

I'll just use an ifdef __APPLE__ at the moment, and we can fix it up later.

> source/API/SBTarget.cpp:
> Symptom of large change; I moved all the files from source/Commands to
> source/Interpreter to fix a circular dependency.
> Which circular dependency?

I managed to resolve it with the following smaller set of moves:
Move source/Commands/CommandObjectScript.cpp and
source/Commands/CommandObjectScript.h to source/Interpreter (they make
calls into Interpreter files)
Move source/Interpreter/CommandObjectMultiword.cpp,
source/Interpreter/CommandObjectCrossref.cpp, and
source/Interpreter/CommandCompletions.cpp to source/Commands (they are
called from other files in Commands)

> source/Host/linux/Host.cpp:
> Nasty hacked port to get rid of OSX-specific stuff.
> Hopefully we can contain all Host specific things into these Host.cpp files.
> Was anything particularily hard? Anything not make sense?

I didn't really spend much time on it; I'll take a closer look once
other stuff is resolved.

> source/lldb.cpp:
> The include paths here are a complete mess; perhaps the init functions
> should be declared in a common lldb/Plugins/PluginInit.h
> The init routines are currently taking place of actually compiling separate
> plug-ins and loading them dynamically. Usually all plug-ins would be
> detected by searching a common set of machine and user paths for lldb
> plug-ins to load. We were initially doing this with objective C and Bundles
> (thus why some of the files had a ".mm" extension, they used to have
> objective C plug-in loading code in there). Once we finalized on the fact we
> were going to integrate with LLVM, we started slowly moving away from ObjC
> stuff and slowly got rid of all that stuff.
> Plug-ins in LLDB reverse the roles where the plug-ins register themselves
> with LLDB instead of LLDB asking each plug-in what it supports. Some of the
> Initialize()/Terminate() calls in lldb.cpp are parts of the LLDB core
> initializing themselves, and others are the PLUGIN::Initialize() and
> PLUGIN::Terminate() functions being manually called to avoid doing plug-in
> loading dynamically for the time being.
> So right now these Initialize()/Terminate() calls need to happen, tough it
> would be a good idea to segragate the plug-in implementations from the
> Core Initialize()/Terminate() routines.

Mmm... I'll have to look at that again.

> include/lldb/Core/Error.h:
> kern_return_t is OSX-only.
> #ifdef out for other non-BSD systems.



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